Aina Brence, our vision is to inspire and empower women so they feel more confident, allowing their true elegance, sophistication and beauty to show. We celebrate all women and see the beauty in our diversity.

Every piece is crafted with a clear vision; using our own design intuition, inspiration from our local landscape and influence from current trends to create modern, beautifully designed garments. We create clothes that will mean more to you, as you wear them over and over, they become part of your lifestyle.

And we aim to do more than just create beautifully crafted clothing for women, too. We want to have a positive and inspirational impact on those around us. We’ll aim to do this via our designs, our messaging and in the ways we’ll get involved and give back to our communities.





Aina Brence is the woman behind the brand – a young woman with a passion for clothes that began as a small child and has never left her side. Aina has always wanted dress women in clothes that reflect them, their beautiful curves and the world around them.

Aina has trained extensively in pattern cutting and fashion design in London, where she was proud to launch Inseam Studios. She aimed to bring out women's inner strength by simply transforming their wardrobes and their lives. With several fashion awards to her credit, Aina is fast becoming a name to be remembered, with new designs that show her commitment to high quality, fashion-led and unique clothing.

Aina has taken her passion for clothing and brought it together with her passion for people. She has started a brand that is inspiring, that brings her joy and offers pleasure to others. She is living her dream.